My Story

In the Beginning, err… The Middle

After a relatively easy time keeping fit when I was younger, around my mid-twenties, something changed. Like everyone, I soon learned, my metabolism began to slow down. I can clearly remember folks telling me, “You won’t be able to drink three Cokes a day when you get to be my age,” “You can’t eat like that and expect to stay fit for long,” and my favourite, “If you don’t start when you’re younger, you’re never gonna’ get your abs back.”

Guess what? On one hand, they were all wrong. On the other, they were all right. Let me explain what I mean by that. I remember waking up one day, it was summer and gloriously beautiful in my bedroom. My bed had a super fey white canopy and the morning sun was pouring in, warming me all over and making me feel fuzzy and comfy. I thought, this light would be just perfect to take some photos. I wandered around my place, found my camera and started taking ‘sexy’ shots back in my bedroom, posed and from the mirror. It’s hard to tell you how excited I was to open ‘em up on my computer and see how hot they looked.

My Moment of Denial — And Truth

And then the moment of horror. As each image copied over to my computer, and one after the next filled my screen, I was horrified. There was this soft, pasty guy who kinda’ looked like me but really couldn’t be. There must be at least one photo here that looks like me, I thought. And when they were all copied over, the realization settled that after years of not paying attention, my body had stopped being my own and this puffy pudgy guy staring back on my laptop was definitely, painfully, me.

Like many of you, I’m a bit of a workaholic and like to reward myself with treats. The more I work, the more treats I get. The harder I worked, the less time I’d have to take care of myself. The more treats and the less time I took to focus on being healthy had clearly taken its toll.

At that moment, I swore I was going to take steps to make my body the best it could be. And I’m not about compromise. I wasn’t about to give up treats. And I definitely wasn’t about to stop working long hours. I did, however, begin the journey that has taken me to a physical capability that I could scarcely imagine possible that morning.

What to Believe?!

I consulted with doctors, researches, fitness ‘experts’ and considered every fad product and program on TV, the web, and in books. After several months of trial and error, I settled on a system that I developed by myself, for myself. And I stuck to it. Guess what? It worked!

Fast-forward a few years, and without invitation, and certainly without expectation, one of the largest porn studios in the world contacted me to see about working with them. They’re located in the U.S. (I was in Canada) and they were prepared to fly my down to California to shoot for a week with some of the hottest people on the planet. At that moment, I knew that I’d figured out something special.

My Big Surprise

Two years later, my body is still even better. Every day, I have gains. Every day, I’m tweaking a success that exceeds my wildest hopes and dreams. And with body-fat percentages in the single digits, muscle strength and endurance that outperforms my very best when I was 18. And here I am, years later, still on the journey and still doing better things for my mind and body every day. To my own amazement, getting stronger, getting healthier, feeling better, and looking better each and every day.

My results are my every day motivation. And you know what? I eat McDonald’s and pizza almost every day. I don’t even think about the ‘work’ of maintaining and improving on already incredible results, and my lifestyle didn’t have to be compromised to make it all happen.

Prepare to surprise yourself with your own potential.

After many requests from fans and friends, I’m finally ready to share my secrets. Don’t let your own fear of success stop you from doing what YOU want with YOUR BODY. When you’re ready to release your own amazing potential, I want you to ORDER NOW or CONTACT ME so you can find out how to get real results that are predictable.

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